Q: Is my baby receiving too many vaccines too soon? A: No.

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Source: Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters, Australia

One of the most common concerns people have about vaccines is that their child is receiving too many vaccines too soon. This couldn’t be further than the truth! Your baby is exposed to more antigens (foreign things to the body) in their own bedroom at home than they are exposed to in a single vaccine! The body makes antibodies to the antigens we are exposed to so that we will know how to fight them off the next time that we are exposed to them.

Here is an excellent explanation from Dr. Paul Offit, developer of the rotavirus vaccine, a professor of pediatrics and director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

“In the womb, babies live in a sterile environment. When they enter the birth canal and the world, however, they are bombarded with bacteria. People have about 100 trillion bacteria living on their skin as well as on the lining of their nose, throat, and intestines. Each of these bacteria contain between 2,000 and 6,000 immunological components—to which children make an immune response. If they didn’t, these bacteria could enter their bloodstream and cause harm. Indeed, children born without an immune system (called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) often suffer sepsis caused by these bacteria. The food we eat isn’t sterile. The water we drink isn’t sterile. The dust we inhale isn’t sterile. In response, we make large quantities of immunoglobulins every day to prevent these colonizing bacteria from causing harm. Vaccines are a drop in the ocean of what children encounter and manage every day.”


Here is an excellent response from Dr. Alison Schuman about the body’s response to antigens, or foreign material, in the body and how vaccines only contain a handful of antigens.

Here’s a great video response from Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Mark Sawyer explaining how the number of vaccines a child receives are not too many nor are they too soon.

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